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donations needed

Any amount that is meaningful to you is appreciated.  

Thank you!

You can also mail checks to Galena Center for the Arts, 971 Gear St, Galena, IL  61036
*Make checks out to Galena Center for the Arts and put Broad Ideas in the memo line



Thank you, for considering sponsorship of Broad Ideas.


Be involved in a movement that believes in equity and the powers of the arts.  Broad Ideas looks to highlight feminist experiences by creating a community arts show committed to inclusion by dismantling patriarchy and misogyny.  This is an arts show about telling our stories.  It is a celebration, an acknowledgement, a community of support and solidarity. Stand with us by making a monetary donation today. Your tax deductible donation will ensure that this show happens, is advertised, scholarships are awarded, and ultimately Broad Ideas is a success. No donation is too small, after all “it takes a village.”

When you donate to this event, you are saying: 


• you support Equity

• you support the arts

• you believe both have value in our community


Broad Ideas is the only arts show of its kind in our community. You want to be a part of this and get in on it now. This inclusive show is needed and needs your support. Help us celebrate our community and Women’s History month by donating today.  


Click here to see more events being held throughout the show's duration.

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