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Broadening Opportunities

All scholarships are made possible through donations. We love supporting aspiring & established artists further their artistic journey.   

2024 Scholarship information 

Our loose definition: Aspiring Artists are those individuals just starting out on their artist journey and Established Artists are those that have dedicated years to their journey already.  

The Chubby Honey Scholarship

This scholarship acts as our "Honorable Mention" and the honoree will be decided by the Scholarship Committee, via applying and interviewing the Aspiring & Established Awards.  Same deadlines apply.
Broad Ideas artist Mackenzie Witman created this opportunity in 2022
and it continues on now in partnership of her sister, Kitrina Keeton,
and previous recipient Elizabeth Mae Brown.

"In our lives, one of our biggest supporters was our grandmother, affectionately called Chubby Honey by our grandfather and eventually Kitrina as well. Chubby Honey encouraged, supported, and instilled in both Kitrina and I a love of the arts. When Kitrina and I won the scholarship for Broad Ideas we immediately started thinking of ways to give back to the organization and for the second year in a row we are happy to sponsor this prize. We want to continue in Chubby's footsteps and help another artist achieve their dreams. We hope that even just this small amount helps another artist see their value and worth, the way our grandmother helped us see ours."

Mackenzie also created a $50 writing honorarium in 2023.  This awarded to a Spoken Word performer that speaks creates important and powerful pieces.  It is support the bravery and power of telling our stories.


Thank you Mackenzie & Kitrina & Elizabeth!  

2024 Scholarship Winners


Established Artist

Aspiring Artist

Amy Laskye , CPP
Gail Chavenelle

Erin Keefer
Jan Kitazaki

Chubby Honey

Suzy Newman
Nikkole Nutter

K Kriesel 2023 Established Artist.jpg

2023 Scholarship Winners


K. Kreisel

Stephanie Beck

Elizabeth Marie Brown

Writing Honorarium: Aaliyah Cooper

2022 Scholarship Recipients

20210703_192532 (1).jpeg

Heather Houzenga

Barbara Pearl Olson

Marianne Biagi

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Mackenzie Witman.jpg

Mackenzie Witman

Kitrina Keeton headshot.jpg

Kitrina Keeton

Angela Bullard headshot.jpg

Angela Bullard

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Laura Cifuentes Almanza
Mary Jane Schweihs

2019 Broad Ideas scholarship recipient

Wendi Dibbern Quarry House Press-Headsho

Wendi Dibbern

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