The Story of the "Broads"

Thirty-Nine Weeks ago a thought was voiced that received a resounding YES!

A team of seven women, some of whom were barely acquainted, formed. Holding space for each other through thoughtful listening while sharing our ideas, stories, tears, and laughter.  The seeds of fear, anger,

and resistance were transformed into empowerment, healing, celebration, inclusion, connection, love, joy, and beauty. Broad Ideas is heeding the whisperings that no longer can be silenced. 

~March 2018  

Broad: /brôd/ adjective 

1. covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas. 

Broad: /brôd/ noun 

2. Woman. 


Pre WWII slang for an independent, assertive/aggressive woman. Usually in show business, a broad is a singer, dancer, actor or business-woman who sings loud, parties hard and is often abrasive, sarcastic and in-your-face. A variation is the “classy broad” which implies she has either been born rich, snagged herself a sugar-daddy, or has succeeded on her own. Broads are generally moderately attractive or better, are never seen without their best dresses and perfect makeup, and know how to compete and win in a man’s world. In some pre-war Hollywood films, broads are portrayed as gangsters’ girlfriends or even their accomplices or gun molls but that was rarely the case in real life. Also in Hollywood films of the era, broads chewed gum incessantly and spoke with a thick, sarcastic New York accent. Often men who felt threatened by strong-willed, successful women would call them broads in a derogatory sense. 


Broad Ideas.


Broad Ideas is a show about empowerment and solidarity. It is about women being able to control

the narrative of their stories. It is humor and love

and kindness and honesty brought to life by the arts. 

Broad Ideas is an Arts show dedicated to telling women’s stories. Now in our 5th year, this show shows no signs of stopping.  

We are committed  sharing  the range of experiences, feelings, and realities of women.  
Join us in our
Our name is a very purposeful play on the double meaning of the word "broad." 
This show is being organized by a collective group of women artists and supporters.  We believe every woman has a story worth sharing. What started as a small idea,
to create an avenue for women to freely and safely express themselves, has turned into Broad Ideas 

an arts show dedicated to telling women’s stories. 
This is an inclusive arts show for all abilities and genders interested in supporting women.   

Your Broads,
Cathie Elsbree
Kate Miller
Rose Noble

Jen Nottrott
Nancy Schuldt

Carole Sullivan
Cindy Tegtmeyer
Irene Thraen-Borowski
Connie Warnsing




16x24 Broad Ideas.jpg

  Photo by Fallon Doyle Oldenburg  (2018 Broads)

edit 2.jpg

Photo taken by Daisha Boehm, (2020 Broads) 

2019 Broads 

                            2018 Broads

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2019 Broads at a planning meeting