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Broad Ideas is the first arts show of its kind in our area.  This inclusive show is made possible through the support of many people. 

The following generous folks have given monetarily, gifted supplies, and/or donated their time.  We appreciate your support and also recognize that there are likely many names that we have missed.  Feel free to let us know if your name hasn't been included

Special thanks to the numerous unnamed volunteers that help make the show happen!


Again, thank you all.  



Jenny Stoddard
Caprinia Abt (Culver's of Galena)
Illinois Bank & Trust
Jo Daviess County Democratic Central Committee
Jo Daviess County Republican Central Committee
Nanette Mosher
Alisa Cahill
Gail Gabbert
Karen Zehr
Eric Hanson
Pat Leitzen (Your Core Being)
Joan Harmet
Karen Serwich
Stephanie Cocagne
Catherine Miller
Katherine Pearson

CTE Academy National Art Honor Society
Catherine Kouzmanoff
Howard Kaplan
Janet Zehr
Leila Anwar
Eleanor Boehler
Judy Rowett
Carmen Ferguson

Fallon Oldenburg
Laura Keyes
Deb Pausz

Daisha Boehm
Charlotte Stryker
Colleen Yonda
Karlyn Van Gelder
Nancy Hyman
Alice Erickson
Pat Lehnhardt
Galena Gazette
Lynn Giles
Tricia Wollam
PT Murphy Magic
Kristin Weber
Thriving Thistle
Linda Ganster
Jody Knautz
Lynn Werner
Sara Wentz
Yvonna Spencer
Janet Eggleston
Andrea Imes Spencer
Michele Sullivan
Sheila Haman
Grace Church
League of Women Voters of Jo Daviess County
Mary Harris
Dottie Joslyn
Mary Beth Schiable
Mary Harris
Megan Shamp
Marie McDonough
Mike Blaum
Jeni Pearce

Bill Schuldt
Jan Kitazaki
Carol Gloor

Cathy Dorwick
Shannon O'Donnell
Clear Heart, Open Mind LLC 
Liz Stocks
Thriving Thistle
Sallie Greenberg
Lee Adami
Leslie Odell

Ryan Weber
D Wolff
Mary Ellen Carol
Randy Warnsing
Rigopoulos Family
Deb Borowski
Hawk Valley Retreat & Cottages
Galena Country Tourism

... and many, many more!
Irene Thraen-Borowski
Carole Sullivan
Cathie Elsbree
Jen Nottrott 
Cindy Tegtmeyer
Connie Warnsing

Kate Miller
Nancy Schuldt
Rose Noble
Galena Center for the Arts
Robyn Davis
Emily Hubbard
John & Carol Borowski
Kimberly Thompson
Leslie & Andy Hawley
Sally & John Fischer
Debra Cooper
Stockton UU Church
Corrina Birdseye
Kathryn Boswell
Laurie Wurster
Michele Berning
Keith Thraen-Borowski
Ellen Ryan
Bridget Knasiak
Hesper Nowatzki
Leone Anderson
Melody Heidenreich
Mary Sheahan
Bonnielynn Kreiser
Heather Blevins-Freitag
Donna & Art Marcotte
Emily & Kevin Nicolin
Danny Parker
Karen Wilson
Ted Williams
Julie Kiland
Jay Nottrott
Peter Fraterdeus

Brett Noble
Al Elsbree
Richard Hess
Women of Courage & Commitment
Katie Ries 
Kate Brondyke
Vickie Gratton
Matt Blaum
Anne & Damon Heim

Jan Lavacek
Renee Simmons
Judith Wehrle
Carrie LaBonne
Kameko Halfmann
Annette Nichols
Judy Cuplin
Riverview Center

Chestnut Mountain Resort
Sasha Bigda
Teri Edman
Katie Haddock
Aaron Johnson
B'Ann Dittmar
Frania Watrous

Dana Anger
Lynn Gallager

John Lesnik
Monika Sudakov
Elizabeth Boggess
Mackenzie Witman
Galena Bakehouse
Ginger Zambrano of Danielle Cline Keller Williams Realty
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