ARTISTS & AUTHORS ~ All abilities welcome & encouraged    

We want you! Join us in this celebration of art dedicated to sharing women's stories.

2021 Submission Process:

All artists and authors interested in submitting work should carefully go through the details below. 

Please submit one or two pieces of work via email to by February 5, 2021.  This is a definite deadline and late submissions cannot be accepted.  We realize this does not give you much time, but you are welcome to submit work from last year since it was cut short or work you have already made that fits in with Broad Ideas.


Your submission of work gives us permission to use images of your work on both the Center for the Arts and Broad Ideas websites in a virtual flip book and on their social media. 



  • High resolution jpegs of your artwork—the larger, the better for clear images

  • title

  • medium

  • dimensions (w x h x d-inches)

  • retail price (60% artist 40% gallery) or NFS

  • headshot (optional)

  • bio & statement about your artwork (optional)

  • artist’s name

  • address

  • phone number

  • email


Written Word (poem, short story, etc.):

  • All written submissions need to be submitted as a 1 page Word document

  • Additional details: 12 pt. font size, 1” margins, document page size of 8.5” X 11”  

  • Line spacing and font/typeface are your decision

* We will do everything we can to preserve your formatting and font, but we CANNOT promise it will be exactly the same as you submit it.   


  • headshot (optional)

  • bio & statement about your artwork (optional)


  • artist’s name

  • address

  • phone number

  • email


If you have any questions, please email us at

If you would like to submit work anonymously, please email us and we will work with you to do what we can to make this happen. 

Your “story” is a very important part of what makes Broad Ideas so special.  If you would like to 
include a brief explanation (story) of your work, this will be displayed alongside it.  It is not 
required.  With our show being a virtual flipbook this year, we also acknowledge that it might not feel safe to share your story (it will be out on the internet).  If you still choose to include a story, they MUST be emailed to along with your work by February 5, 2021.

Riverview Center Logo COLOR (2).jpg

Need support?

Riverview Center is a nonprofit agency committed to providing compassionate, client-centered care for individuals affected by

sexual assault in Iowa, and for individuals affected by sexual and domestic violence in Illinois.

Riverview Center 24-Hour Hotlines

Illinois – Serving Jo Daviess and Carroll Counties


Jo Daviess County

Sexual Assault Hotline: 815-777-8155

Domestic Violence Hotline: 815-777-3680


Carroll County

Sexual Assault Hotline: 815-244-7772

Domestic Violence Hotline: 815-244-1320

Iowa Sexual Assault Hotline: 888-557-0310
Dubuque Office: 563-557-0310


Riverview Center services, all free and confidential, include:


Recovery looks and feels different for each survivor. Advocacy has many dimensions, but is rooted in assisting each survivor in their individual healing process. Self-determination and autonomy, feeling heard and validated, and social support are important factors in healing that our advocates can provide. 

Advocates provide information for survivors for all available options – survivors determine their plan of action. Advocates provide legal advocacy, medical advocacy and general advocacy (social services support and basic needs).


Riverview Center’s therapy and counseling support is available for survivors when they want it – whether the abuse occurred last night or decades before. Service plans are based on survivor’s strengths and goals, and are guided by the survivor’s vision for their healing, at their pace. Some therapy methods include art, sand tray, EMDR, play, family and group therapy services. These services are also available for non-offending family and friends of the survivor who were also impacted.

Outreach Services

All survivors deserve access to support after assault/abuse, including those who:

  • Live in rural areas

  • Are college students

  • Identify as LGBTQIA+

  • Identify as a person of color

  • Speak a language other than English

  • Are immigrants

  • Are incarcerated

  • Are differently abled

We provide services at confidential spaces in schools, libraries, churches, prisons, other social service agencies and other locations to meet survivors’ needs.


Education & Professional Trainings

People of all ages and backgrounds can play a vital role in keeping their communities safe. Riverview Center’s staff engage with schools, businesses, faith communities, social services agencies, and more to provide education on a wide variety of topics.

Contact Riverview Center if you are interested in scheduling programming for your organization.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers provide essential valuable support for survivors. Riverview Center works to utilize volunteers' skills to engage them in all aspects of our work to meet the needs of survivors, to address exclusionary systems, to create safe and inclusive spaces, and to prevent violence for generations to come. To change lives today, please contact our volunteer coordinator at 815-777-8155.

other ways to get involved

Have another expertise you are interested in donating? We could always use more volunteers!  Email: 
Want to donate funds in support? We really need that too!  Click the Donate Now button below

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